I was supposed to have a fancy lunch but my stomach is still sad. Life is terrible.

I think my computer is dying. 😂

Never put on a hoodie backwards, you will scare yourself.

I get weirded out by watching SYTD Atlanta when the bride is 18, met the groom in middle school and her mom doesn’t look old enough to be getting married.

I want to move to Vermont and live in the woods in a log cabin and never see people.  Can this be arranged?

I am so drained. I just want to rock myself while singing Linda’s song about Harry Truman. Meanwhile I have an angry cat banging himself against my door.






I never realised you could be in love with a shoe until I went on the Chie Mihara website. (x)

*is arrested for trying to put the shoes in her mouth*

Chie Miehara is the only shoe designer where I love every single pair of shoes and want them all. And I’d put them in my mouth too.

I want every one of these too. Don’t let me go to this site.


I need to stop seeing this, it make me sad and bitter that I have no money.

(via nanner)

I still don’t see why people on HH don’t get how insulting it is to move into a really poor area and be all this great, everything is so cheap, I can finally focus on myself.  Gross